"Even the best cyber security defences can easily be breached
by 'Trusted' staff, client and supplier emails"

Early Dark Web detection of compromised credentials is the new prevention.

CRINS the double barrel approach to cyber security...
a double-check to support existing protection.

CRINS Member benefits
Benefits for Members

CRINS = Cyber Risk Intelligence Notification Service

CRINS Membership is available to strengthen and support your existing cyber security initiatives.

You can be assured of CRINS’ absolute discretion, and confidentiality will be observed at all times.


CRINS Membership is now available for Accountancy firms and their clients, Associations and MSPs. 


CRINS Members enjoy the following benefits: 

1.     Dark Web monitoring for compromised credentials. CRINS provides surveillance across the Dark Web for all staff emails attached to the URLs you provide for monitoring. When we find evidence of your compromised passwords being offered for sale on the Dark Web, an analyst will immediately assess the intelligence and personally email an alert to you. These alerts are not auto-generated emails. The intelligence is assessed with 'eyes on' before being sent to you as an Intelligence Report with a suggested plan of action.  

Our 'live' real-time intelligence comes not only from the large credential leak lists and Dark Web marketplaces, but also from contractors/undercover operatives and live monitoring of closed marketplaces and private forums where higher confidence intelligence is found. This is a real-time monitoring service, not just a database list check.

2.    ID Target Protection - Senior, C level, financial and server gatekeeper staff are particularly at risk. As a part of your Membership benefits, CRINS will continually check the Dark Web to discover if any of your staff are being deliberately targeted for phishing attack. Should we find evidence of staff being deliberately targeted by cyber criminals, we will send you an Intelligence Alert with the email addresses under attack, again with suggested action that could be taken.

3.    Phishing Awareness Training is available as an ongoing double-check with friendly alerts for staff to make the training non-confrontational and educational.

4.    Logo - To show your staff and customers you care for their privacy and security, a CRINS protected logo is provided for use by Members for their web sites and promotional material. See image below.


Optional services for Members only (charges apply)

•    Breach Remediation Service – ransom and tracking services. If you do require cyber security assistance for remediation purposes, we can assist by suggesting and, if needed, working with experienced and trustworthy contractors in this field. This service is only available for existing Members. 

Limitations of Service
Because of the enormous size of the Dark Web, limitations of network connections and third-party providers, it is not possible for CRINS to discover all compromised credentials or to guarantee other services as being 100% correct nor can we provide 100% protection. For best results all CRINS services should be used ONLY to help support accepted 'best practice' cyber security procedures. Please see the CRINS Terms and Conditions for more information.

For More Information Call - 1300 260 811

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