"Even the best cyber security defences can easily be breached by 'Trusted' staff, client and supplier emails"
Early Dark Web detection of compromised credentials is the new prevention.

CRINS the double barrel approach to cyber security...
a double-check to support existing protection.

Cyber Security

CRINS - Cyber Risk Intelligence Notification Service

Available for Australian and New Zealand subscribers.

Pricing is in Australian dollars and for Australian subscribers includes GST.  

The following Membership pricing is for ENTERPRISE clients with less than 100 staff.
For more than 100 staff we have additional cost-effective ENTERPRISE and CORPORATE plans. These are scaled to offer a very affordable solution.


Membership Pricing  includes Dark Web monitoring for compromised credentials and identifying staff being targeted for phishing attack. It does not include optional services. Please contact CRINS for further information and pricing.

For More Information Call - 1300 260 811

Cyber security


We provide a cost-effective online enterprise solution which is managed for you. This is more convenient for you and keeps our prices affordable. See Membership benefits here

The process to become a Member is easy: we don't need your staff passwords and will never ask for them - we just need the domain name(s) (URLs) for your business and email. Follow the security steps below and we'll be part of your team, monitoring your URL assets in no time...​


Choose your Plan from above and click on the 'REGISTRATION' link.

Within 24 hours

Within 24 hours, monitoring of your email domain URL assets will commence and continue 24/7 as long as your Membership subscription remains in place. You can cancel your Membership at any time with 5 business days notice.

The Initial Report for Members

Within five days of completing the Registration process, CRINS will email you a comprehensive Intelligence Report. This report will let you know if your compromised credentials are listed on the Dark Web either currently or over the last few years. It will also identify other nefarious activity such as staff members being targeted by cyber criminals. We will be searching across real-time, live Dark Web markets and literally billions of Dark Web data files.

After the Initial Intelligence Report

Once the ongoing monitoring of your assets for compromised credentials starts, no news from CRINS is good news! We cannot guarantee we will find every password breach, but if and when we do, we will immediately email your nominated contact. The notification will contain an Intelligence Report with a summary and suggested action.​ 

Once a Member
You will be able to request, as needed, our other optional partner services such as Phishing Awareness Training and remediation services.

Limitations of Service
Because of the enormous size of the Dark Web, limitations of network connections and third-party providers, it is not possible for CRINS to discover all compromised credentials or to guarantee other services as being 100% correct nor can we provide 100% protection. For best results all CRINS services should be used ONLY to help support accepted 'best practice' cyber security procedures. Please see the CRINS Terms and Conditions for more information.


CRINS White Knight cyber risk intelligence notification service
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Logo for Members website
Members can use this trademarked CRINS logo on their web site with a link to

This will show your staff and clients CRINS is deployed for their protection.