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“Avoid the need for mandatory reporting…

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The Australian government is looking to update its national cybersecurity strategy by 2020. In preparation, it's released a discussion paper that seeks input from citizens, the business community, academics and other stakeholders.


"Despite making strong progress against the goals set in 2016, the threat environment has changed significantly, and we need to adapt our approach to improve the security of business and the community," Dutton notes.

Since Australia introduced its first cybersecurity strategy in 2016, Dutton notes, the government over the last three years had invested $230 million Australian ($158 million U.S.) in various improvements and updates to the country's infrastructure and security strategies, which includes 33 projects. But the paper notes that cyber incidents are costing Australian businesses some $29 billion each year and affecting nearly one in three Australian citizens... See PDF Discussion Paper here.

Conventional wisdom says that when your company suffers a ransomware attack, you should never pay the ransom. But hard-line conversations about whether to negotiate with cyber criminals takes a backseat to the reality that we're all beholden to the business and its key stakeholders.

Attackers Are Targeting Your Recovery Capabilities - Ransomware attacks are up 500% from this time last year, and more organizations than ever are finding themselves having to pay the ransom as attackers become more sophisticated and specifically go after your backups.
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