About CRINS®

"Even the best cyber security defences can easily be breached by
'Trusted' staff, client and supplier emails"

Early Dark Web detection of compromised credentials is the new prevention.

CRINS the double barrel approach to cyber security...
a double-check to support existing protection.



CRINS is an acronym that stands for Cyber Risk Intelligence Notification Service.

CRINS specialise in providing Dark Web monitoring for Accountancy firms and their clients. Our fully managed services are available for Members only, on a cost-effective monthly subscription basis, to strengthen and support existing cyber security initiatives.


To provide relevant, timely and actionable intelligence for our Members
CRINS an Australian company, collaborates and contracts with proven and well-established cyber risk intelligence operation centres globally. 
CRINS access to Dark Web market forum intelligence is remarkable. 

CRINS makes it easy for Members by providing aggregated, filtered and analysed cyber intelligence from third party intelligence providers.
The CRINS service and solutions are provided for Accountancy firms and their clients on a cost-effective monthly subscription basis.

Our focus
To alert accountancy firms and their clients  should we discover their compromised staff credentials being offered for sale or trade on the Dark Web markets. Also to identify other nefarious activity such as staff being targeted for phishing attack. Other services and solutions available for Members are - Remediation assistance, Phishing Alert Training...


The CRINS Administration team is supported by specialist cyber security partners and covert intelligence contractors  located in many countries.

Roger Glasson
Tim Davis
John Bellamy

Roger Glasson - Founder

As an experienced senior technology executive, Roger has 25+ years of practical hands-on cyber security knowledge. He is one of the few pioneers of secured eCommerce for the pre-browser internet. Exercising proactive security practices since 1994 along with innovative concepts has played a big role in his success. 

As a cyber security veteran, Roger's global intelligence connections, coupled with his knowledge and experience, has driven his focus towards providing cost-effective, supporting cyber security protection, for MSPs, SMEs and Associations.

Tim Davis - Director - Administration

Tim manages the administration side of CRINS.

Tim brings to the CRINS team over 25 years of accounting, taxation and commercial experience.

With a wealth of experience across a diverse range of commercial fields, Tim has specialist skills in facilitating complex business transactions (that is, sales / purchases / business mergers) as well as client engagements in the leadership / planning / strategic direction and vision space.

Tim is a Chartered Accountant, and has an Accounting Degree from the University of Queensland.


John Bellamy - Head of Channel Development

John is an experienced, successful and well known marketing specialist.

Passionate about CRINS solutions, John assists MSPs and Associations and their members with on-boarding CRINS services to bolster existing defences. 

A noted and highly regarded speaker at Australian and international conferences, John has the experience to ensure CRINS Members receive the level of support they require.

CRINS contracts with a number of cyber security intelligence providers.
Each provider has been vetted and chosen by CRINS to contribute to the  CRINS aggregated pool of cyber security intelligence.

Each provider is proven. As an example, the team below contracted by CRINS, has been operating since 2007 and is trusted by 1500+ companies, including around 100 Fortune 500 companies.

One of CRINS cyber intelligence providers team members